Our new optimization system offers High-end performance and user input for significantly less time, money, and effort.


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New for 2022

Exploring the new frontier: System Optimization

The CA Core is the newest addition to our lineup. Based on our Wave Stream hybrid technology™, we have created a new shunting system that removes noise from all electronics. The flexible plug-and-play technique introduced in the CA Core brings a new engagement not seen before.

The CA Core's unique shunting method reduces the noise floor by reducing RFI, EMI, and system-generated noise. We are now adding an interface that allows for a system to be optimized by the user.

The Wave Stream Hybrid filter and CA Core are complementary technologies that preserve the aliveness of instrumental timbre and vocal presence.

Adding plug-in-play optimization enhances the user experience by providing playback fine-tuning.

The CA Core optimization system is music to the ear.

Luis Alberto Designer

For the best performance, musicians use this method.

Optimization is a musician's trade tool.

Most electronics don't provide any means of optimizing the interface with any device. The good news is our plug-and-play solution gives you optimization control. Musicians possess skillful expertise in fine-tuning their instruments before a performance. The CA Core does not require any special knowledge.

CA Core time 

In 2022, we set out to enhance the user playback experience with ground-breaking noise technology while offering users optimization and control over their system. 

The CA Core platform can easily adapt to changes being made in the system by the user.  The audiophile is a user who attempts to assemble the best components that can produce the highest level of musical realism and engagement.

You can reach this goal with the CA Core. You can exploit the potential of your existing system. And by using our plug-n-play interface, you can test a component's noise interaction in the system. You are in control.

Slipstream X™Solution

One of the most crucial parts of the CA Core is our proprietary Wave Stream filter™.  The Wave Stream system is passive, less invasive but effective noise filtering.

In modern electronics, controlling radio frequency interference is an important part of digital performance. Any noise entering a digital circuit will compromise signal integrity. All devices are adversely affected and most fail to properly address the issue.

The CA Core proprietary shunting system addresses time delay and shunts RFI and EMI noise. Connecting all devices to our Core hub is a simple task. At the heart of our plug-and-play system are our new Slipstream X connectors. The Slipstream X is designed with the same philosophy in mind as the CA Core, providing a unique listening experience for the user. Utilizing a proprietary low impedance pathway to our CA Core is vital to the performance of a system.


CA Core build quality

Housing the critical elements of the design, we chose to mill our unibody frame from a single billet of high-grade aluminum. A careful selection of internal parts guarantees stability and protection. The Wave Stream filter's immediate effect on noise and latency issues makes for long listening sessions.

You can easily switch configurations offering the user more involvement in music playback. The plug-and-play feature provides the music enthusiast with a captivating yet user-friendly audio experience.

The harmonious balance between hardware and user input transforms the CA Core into a next-generation noise management system.

 We offer a free 30-day home trial. We are happy to answer any questions. There is a small fee for damaged returns and you are responsible for return shipping. Please call today. This is a limited time offer ends October 1.


Chris Martens Hi Fi+ 2018 review : "The new firm Caprice Audio showed its impressive new Mosaic Wave Stream hybrid Technology passive filter, which made for one of the more eye-opening demonstrations I heard at Canjam. Looking back over that last sentence it occurs to me that a more apt descriptor would be to call the Mosaic a passive noise floor reducer".

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