M  O  S  A  I  C 

The Mosaic state-of-the-art optimization system offers High-end performance for significantly less time, money and effort.

The Mosaic Story...

In 2014,  I was a  manufacturer's rep for a cable manufacturing company from Canada. At that time, the dielectric material and conductor stiffness required several weeks of burn-in time. The unacceptable burn-in time delay situation prompted an urgent request for a solution. The Cable cooker was a possibility but connecting several yards of cables in a Cooker was not practical and just as time-consuming.

A surprising Solution.

A new approach to the problem was needed. After a few weeks of brainstorming, I came up with a unique filter design solution. The plan was to attach a wide bandwidth noise filter to a source, play a 24-hr burn-in disc, and observe the results. To my surprise, in hours the stiff silver wire sound character changed dramatically. The A-B test confirmed the improvement was with the filter. Over several months I made changes to the filter design and began experimenting with various types of electronics. One intriguing experiment was with a 20K DAC. It was a surprise to hear the shocking transformation the new filter had on this well-respected DAC. 

In retrospect, these events and others cemented the idea that such filtering could significantly improve sound quality for other components. For a few years, the filter experiments included preamps, amplifiers, and even speakers ranging from $2K to $50K. In the final analysis, we needed to test the sonic benefits with consumers.

The premier Headphone Consumer Show.

At Canjam 2017, Caprice Audio launched the Mosaic Wave Stream™. The headphone Show was a proving ground for the new design. It was a great success. We started in Denver (RMAF), Chicago (Axpona), Washington, D.C. (Capital Audiofest), and ended in New York City (Canjam). Customer and Industry feedback for the Mosaic was an invaluable experience.

At Canjam, we successfully demonstrated the sonic benefits of the Mosaic Wave Stream effect on low signal sources (Headphone amplifiers), causing one reviewer to impressively to write "...one of the more eye-opening demonstrations I heard at Canjam".

The current Wave Stream is an advanced version. We have taken the Mosaic and designed a new hybrid filter around a star-ground matrix that incorporates nanotechnology. Slipstream™ is Caprice Audio's proprietary buffer stage designed to reduce the noise floor and raise the dynamic headroom of a loudspeaker-amplifier system.

Music Streaming with a Mosaic-driven system is a breakthrough concept. Multiple buffer stages (Slipstream) shunt circuit noise directly and effectively from all circuits. Starting from a source to the speaker and all connection points in-between, a Mosaic-driven system offers an engaging sound experience.

Find out more about Caprice Audio Mosaic and what it can do for your system. Call or email today.

- Luis Alberto Designer & Owner

System optimization

Audiophiles use tools to revitalize and optimize a system. We invest in linear power supplies, high-grade cables, and mechanical isolation devices for a good reason, they work! By optimizing each part of a system, you can achieve a greater outcome in performance. Our custom Integration allows you to optimize any system to state-of-art levels.

Mosaic Integration

In some ways, a poorly optimized audio system is similar to a poorly tuned instrument. Unleashing the capability of your system is simple with Mosaic Integration. You can start with one Mosaic and build several custom Mosaic configurations. No need for software integration and updates. As we guide you through, you have complete control.  


Caprice Audio's Slipstream is a high-speed buffering stage that reduces the noise floor. These stages isolate components from each other by creating mini-buffers to control a system's noise level. As a result, a digital device can efficiently perform at higher signal-to-noise levels without compression due to a reduction in transmission garbage being bounced between components.

Mosaic Power

A Mosaic Power system is a breakthrough concept for passively filtering multiple devices without introducing additional noise. Low signal sources gain "apparent power output" from balanced noise isolation, grounding, and integration. All three form the key to producing life-like immediacy, whisper-quiet detail, and dynamic range suitable enough to raise the hairs on your skin. Call today for a free no-obligation home trial.


Chris Martens Hi Fi+ review : "The new firm Caprice Audio showed its impressive new Mosaic Wave Stream hybrid Technology passive filter, which made for one of the more eye-opening demonstrations I heard at Canjam. Looking back over that last sentence it occurs to me that a more apt descriptor would be to call the Mosaic a passive noise floor reducer".

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