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In a Noisy World.


Exploring a new Frontier.

New for 2023

Can you imagine a time when your audio system has no noise. How noise dominates our world of music and influences our buying habits is a subject for Audio writers to explore. We are using a mindset to understand the role noise plays in High-end music systems and actions we can engineer to finding signal in a noisy world.

Introducing Core Technology.

The Core by Caprice Audio, is the new reference in our lineup. The Core is based on our new proprietary Slipstream™filter.

Slipstream is our new noise shunting technology. An approach that uses asymmetrical filtering to target a component's noise level. The improvements in device performance could not be possible without Slipstream technology.

Noise shunting technology.

Noise shunting is an efficient method for reducing electronic interference. An example, music Streamers and DAC's today use Clocks which are sensitive to various forms of noise. The central issue is electronics are prone to external and internal noise. There are instances in which noise outside our hearing can affect sound quality. We only can measure what we hear. Finding a universal solution is an extremely difficult task.

Noise is a systemic issue requiring innovative solutions. And when it comes to music listening, it's important to reduce noise but not compromise musical performance.

Remove noise, create synergy, optimize performance. Is this a bridge too far?
Building on the idea of maximizing performance, the Core provides an entirely new solution. A new interface represents our latest design efforts to provide flexibility and a broader listening experience.

Caprice Audio is introducing a new feature called the Core Optimizer™. The Optimizer makes it possible to synchronize up to six devices at one time. We have designed a unique bridge filter, carefully tuned for user feedback. With this new capability, the Core serves as a center point, making it possible to achieve component synergy with ground breaking effectiveness. You can easily minimize the noise potential of a device, custom tune and optimize all areas of performance parameters with greater confidence.

The Core solution.

Achieving system synergy is always an issue with audio components, whether they are audiophile high-end quality or not.

Listen and compare the Core.


System integration without compromise.

The core focus on the user experience.

In 2021, we began exploring ways to improve the user experience. We decided that a new interface was needed. We wanted to create a unique system that enable audio listeners to extract the finest performance from any audio system.

The Core Optimizer™.

The introduction of a new plug & play user interface represents a paradigm shift in system customization.

The two best tools in Audio are your ears and the Core.

The Core Optimizer has 20 possible combinations for audio enthusiasts to compare differences between specific sound configurations. For the first time, the listener has control in choosing the right synergy for his or her music taste. To make this task simpler, we provide a user set up guide.

The four rules of thumb.

As the saying goes everything matters.

Step 1.  The first important Core connection is to your front-end source. This alters the entire system noise floor. In some cases, the improvement is revelatory.

Step 2.  The Slipstream x connectors are low impedance links for components connected to the Core system.

Step 3.  Optimize the weakest link first. In some cases, dramatic changes can occur when the weakest component becomes the strongest performer.

Step 4.  Choose the best optimization setting that suits your music taste. We provide assistance with identifying the key optimization points allowing systems to perform at the highest level possible.

The Core audio experience is one you will never forget.

Solid-Core connection.

In order to render the full Core effect, we highly recommend the Slipstream x connectors.

History tour.

Caprice Audio presented the original Mosaic Reference to headphone audiences in Denver, Washington, DC., Chicago and New York City.  We received acknowledgement from HiFi+ Editors Chris Martens and Alan Sircom. 

We celebrated our first High-End appearance at Capital Audiofest 2019.

Press reviews include Headphone.guru, Dagogo, and the Soundadvocate. 



The Core's unique value.

The Core is a unique optimization tool that transform the way listeners interact with  sound. Your listening IQ will never be the same!

The Core includes:

1. Silver-gold internal wiring.
2. Installation and support.
3. Core Links™.
4. Flexible money-back guarantee.                                                                                     

We also provide system installation services. Please contact us for information.

 Free home trial is available. Terms and conditions apply. Please call 203-684-0710 today.

Reviews and feedback

Chris Martens Hi Fi+ 2018 review : "The new firm Caprice Audio showed its impressive new Mosaic Wave Stream hybrid Technology passive filter, which made for one of the more eye-opening demonstrations I heard at Canjam. Looking back over that last sentence it occurs to me that a more apt descriptor would be to call the Mosaic a passive noise floor reducer".

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