M  O  S  A  I  C 

The Mosaic state-of-the-art optimization system offers High-end performance for significantly less time, money and effort.

The Mosaic Story...

In 2014,  I was a  manufacturer's rep for a cable manufacturing company from Canada. At that time, there was a concern over the non-compliant nature of the dielectric material. The Cable cooker was a possibility but connecting several yards of cables in a Cooker was not practical and very time-consuming.

The birth of the unique Wave Stream filter.

After a few weeks of brainstorming, I came up with the idea of creating a new filter. The plan was to attach a wide bandwidth noise filter to a source, play a 24-hr burn-in disc, connect the cables and observe the results. To my surprise, the sound character changed dramatically. The A-B test confirmed the improvement was with the filter. Over several months, I made changes to the filter design and began experimenting with various types of electronics. One intriguing experiment was with a high-end 20K DAC. It was a surprise to hear the shocking transformation the new filter had on this well-respected DAC. 

In retrospect, these events cemented the idea that such filtering could significantly improve sound quality for other components. For a few years, the filter experiments expanded to preamps, amplifiers, and even speakers ranging from $2K to $50K. In the final analysis, we needed to test the sonic benefits with consumers.

Our first Headphone Show appearance.

At Canjam 2017, Caprice Audio launched the Mosaic Wave Stream™. The headphone Shows were a two-year proof of concept. At RMAF, Axpona, Capfest, and New York City, we demonstrated the effectiveness of the new technology. Customer and Industry feedback proved the concept of noise shunting was a game-changing improvement for any Audio system.

A unique performance demonstration - Capital Audiofest 2019.

At Capital Audiofest, we debut the Mosaic in a full-range system anchored by the superb Alta Audio two-way "Alec" speaker system and KR Audio's acclaimed "Kronzilla" amplifier.  At volume levels approaching 110dBs peak, we achieved full-scale non-compression performance comparable to the performance of a large speaker system. This surprising development proved that our approach to Mosaic each circuit in the chain does achieve high-dynamic end-to-end performance.

At Axpona, we demonstrated the Mosaic sonic capabilities on low-resolution YouTube Sources. One well respected Hi-FI+ reviewer wrote, "...one of the more eye-opening demonstrations I heard at Canjam".

A new conductive system engineered with Nano-tech materials.

The current Wave Stream is an advanced nano-tech version. We upgraded the Mosaic by designing a new star-ground filter matrix based on our new conductor treatment called Slipstream™. We incorporated Slipstream buffer stages to directly influence circuit noise levels or what is commonly referred to as the noise floor. The common industry norm is to have the lowest noise spec as a "value" item for measuring performance. In our view, this is misleading. Power transfer is a real-world phenomenon and is our main focus for achieving the ultimate in performance.

Music Streamers and CD player systems benefit from a Mosaic-driven system. Our Wave Stream buffer stages discretely shunt circuit noise. Starting from a source to the speaker and all connection points. A Mosaic-driven system is a superior method of signal-voltage stability and power transfer.

Luis Alberto Designer & Owner

Optimization as an upgrade tool leads to greater musical synergy.

Audiophiles use tools to revitalize and optimize a system. We invest in linear power supplies, high-grade cables, and mechanical isolation devices for a good reason, they work! By reducing each component's noise level, the overall system achieves a greater power outcome in performance. But the best news is our plug and play solution gives you greater optimization control over your entire system. A simple and effective way to achieving very high levels of performance..

Mosaic Integration

In some ways, a poorly optimized audio system is similar to a poorly tuned instrument. Unleashing the capability of your system is a complex task made simple with Mosaic Integration.  What is more surprising, is you can achieve very high performance for proportionally less expense making the Mosaic a bargain. You can start with one Mosaic and build out to several custom Mosaic configurations. No need for software integration and updates. As we guide you through, you have complete control.  


Caprice Audio's Slipstream is a high-speed buffering stage that reduces the noise floor. These stages isolate components from each other by creating mini-buffers to control a system's noise level. As a result, a digital device can efficiently perform at very high signal-to-noise levels without distortion due to a reduction in transmission garbage being bounced between components. The improved timing and pitch can lead to a dramatic analog "reveal".

Mosaic Power

The quality of a power system is based on its ability to transfer voltage without loss. A Mosaic Power system is a breakthrough concept, passively driving multiple devices all at once without introducing noise. Low signal sources gain "dynamic speed" from noise control, reduced ground leakage and enhanced voltage stability. All three form a synergistic link to life-like immediacy, whisper-quiet detail, and dynamic range suitable enough to raise the hairs on your skin. Call today for a free no-obligation home trial.


Chris Martens Hi Fi+ 2018 review : "The new firm Caprice Audio showed its impressive new Mosaic Wave Stream hybrid Technology passive filter, which made for one of the more eye-opening demonstrations I heard at Canjam. Looking back over that last sentence it occurs to me that a more apt descriptor would be to call the Mosaic a passive noise floor reducer".

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