Finding Signal

In a Noisy World.


the Human Centric answer.

Mastering noise.

Mastering engineers rely on pro equipment software to manage noise when producing high resolution multi-bit music. While audio enthusiast detest its storied role in music playback. Whether the format is tape, digital or vinyl, distortion is a systemic challenge for us all to successfully manage.

Introducing Core NMS™ - A human Centric approach to Noise management.

There are many approaches to managing a systems noise level. Many use noise cancellation methods, or rely on robust filtering and isolation techniques. Some use a software approach to address the problem. We use the Core centric approach.

The Core is the first to combine a multi-device noise reduction system with human centric calibration. As components coalesce all the musical information into one consummate whole, the Core automatically manages the overall noise floor during playback. This creates new efficiencies in an electrically based system making it easier to manage the outcome.

The Core's acoustic capabilities and quick response features exceed the typical noise management solutions offered today. So whatever component you use and whatever music you enjoy, the Core will provide you with a revelatory listening experience. For example, you can explore your system's sweet spot by using Core calibration to produce the most expansive tonally sublime sound you could imagine. The Core's human centric calibration gives enthusiast ultimate control from source to speaker!

Digging deeper into the Core.

The tech behind the Core is called Slipstream™. Slipstream is an efficient noise shunting method that removes distortion from multiple devices. The answer to finding signal is a result of customers sharing their personal experiences with our original design, the Mosaic Reference. Although the Mosaic is our entry level product, its performance is well reviewed.

Smart calibration compatible matching.

We believe that acoustical calibration is an essential tool for those who wish to optimize performance.  For many, having the ability to match components to a system is a crowd pleaser and with our plug-n-play calibration easy to master.

Another way to view the importance of optimization is to understand its role in a hi-fi system. Optimization naturally exposes fine detail enhancing the musical experience.

The Core is an important breakthrough for the enthusiast who cares about making a system sound close to the original source. Core calibration is optimization at the highest level. And no matter the system, different components functionally perform better when properly calibrated.

The Core's build quality.

The Core's structure is formed from a single billet aluminum block. All internal parts are connected point to point with high quality copper, silver and gold wire surrounded by our advance protective filtering. The passive design, sound calibration and noise reduction features makes the Core the ideal tool for system integration.

As components change, discover the pairing capability of the Core.

Human hearing is the best instrumental arbiter. By using Core NMS technology you can explore the unique capability of each device by making the right adjustments, all managed by the listener using the instruction guide.

Did you hear our demonstration @Capital Audiofest 2022-2023?

At Capital Audiofest 2023, Caprice Audio demonstrated how well a budget system performs with Core NMS .

Show reports recognition at Capfest 2022 & 2023.

Caprice Audio-Audio Thesis:  One of the best awared by  Enjoy the music Show Report Rossofiorentino Capital Audiofest 2023.

Caprice Audio-Audio Thesis:  (Best Sound) awarded by Jay's Audio Lab (You Tube) Capital Audio fest 2022.

Infigo Audio- A/V Showroom (You Tube) Best Sound @ Florida Expo 2021. We assisted in Room configuration for the "Swarm multi-subwoofer" system.

"The emotional experience with my music is sublime. I love the synergy that the Core helps to create".

A bridge too far, not so if you consider the cost of equipment that underperform.

The Core System

Achieving system synergy is always an issue with audio components, whether they are audiophile high-end quality or not. The good news is the Core scales very well whether your system is built with cost no object or a budget limit. 

Listen and compare.
                                C ustomize
                                 O ptimize
                                  R espond
                                   E nergize   

The complete Core System includes the new Oasis interconnects and speaker cables.  

The Core builds on the  excitement that you create.

The Core is a universal noise solution that enable listeners to achieve maximum sound quality from any current or future audio system.

To audition the Core, please contact us for the weekend free home trial. Terms and conditions apply. All sales are 30-day money back guarantee.

Key summary.

Step 1. Core technology uses a proprietary component shunting system to reduce noise across multiple devices in seconds.

Step 2.  We supply a flow chart for users showing how to operate the acoustical plug & play interface.

Step 3.   A single Core makes it possible to optimize and choose the right synergy for any system. For the discerning listener whose class A systems demand more, we recommend two Cores. Fine tuning to the smallest detail is quite liberating.

Step 4. Combine the Core with our new Oasis cable™and achieve the lowest distortion with components that work together to make music fun.      

No matter how good the signal, it's lost in a noisy world. By capturing music from the lowest levels, Core NMS makes seamless integration possible at an affordable price.

The Core-Oasis sound connection.

Caprice Audio new Oasis interconnects and speaker cables combine with Core NMS will transform any system.

Where it began.

The Mosaic : Three years in development; two years consumer testing Wave stream technology.

Caprice Audio presented the original Mosaic Reference to headphone audiences in Denver, Washington, DC., Chicago and New York City.  In Chicago, we received acknowledgement for outstanding performance from HiFi+ Editors Chris Martens and Alan Sircom. 

Mosaic Reference reviews :, Dagogo, and theSoundadvocate. 
Note: Mosaic is available but with limited inventory.



Discover your listening IQ.

The Core's unique acoustical system will transform the way you hear music.   

Each Core includes:

1. PPOS Guide and instructions.
2. Installation and support.
3. Short Link extensions™ (option)
4. 1 yr. warranty.                                                                                                                                                                

We are also a Lumin sponsor. Lumin Streamers and DAC's are strongly supported and have earned many awards.  Contact [email protected] for more information.

 Free home trial is available. Terms and conditions apply. Call 203-684-8710 today.

Reviews and feedback

Our first product launch Axpona 2018.

Chris Martens Hi Fi+: "The new firm Caprice Audio showed its impressive new Mosaic Wave Stream hybrid Technology passive filter, which made for one of the more eye-opening demonstrations I heard at Canjam. Looking back over that last sentence it occurs to me that a more apt descriptor would be to call the Mosaic a passive noise floor reducer".

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