Creating synergy in one step.

Our new optimization system offers high-end resolution and performance for significantly less time and effort.


What's the story?

New for 2023

Exploring a new frontier: Beyond system synergy

The CA Core™ is the new reference to our lineup. Based on Wave Stream hybrid technology™, we created a customized optimization system that manages all electronic noise.

Shunting noise with Playful efficiency

The shunting method introduced in the Core significantly reduces circuit interference by reducing RFI, EMI, and system-generated distortions. The Core's proprietary optimization technology is a new frontier for users to manage and control.

The newly developed plug-and-play feature is an enhancement to the user experience providing hands-on fine-tuning with real-time listening. Changes heard during this phase are revelatory, establishing the CA Core as a viable optimization system.

The harmonious balance of reducing the noise floor and enhancing a system's resolution response with user input is an eye-opening experience for the audiophile.

Enhancing synergy is a crucial element of the Core mission. 


For the best performance, musicians use this timeless method in their trade.

Most electronics today do not provide an optimization method for an entire high-end audio system.

Musicians possess expertise in fine-tuning their instruments before a live event. With the CA Core, you now have the same skillful tuning capability as the musician.

Optimizing an entire audio system is no longer an exercise in futility. 

The C. O. R. E.


At the center of our technology is our belief that all systems can be significantly improved with the Core method. The CA Core is an audiophile tool for music lovers. 

The Core user experience.

In 2023, we set out to enhance the home audio experience. Along with a new user plug-and-play interface, we created the dynamic Slipstream System.

The new Slipstream links are short cable connectors that provide the ultimate flexibility and control while Core Shunting noise away from the system. Today, you can exploit the potential of any component by using the unique "SlipLinks" to optimize all performance parameters to your satisfaction.

Sound Optimization at your Fingertips.

The CA Core has 14 possible plug-and-play combinations for users to compare differences between specific configurations. This is the most critical step in the voicing of a system.

Where every bit counts, a poorly optimized audio system is an unforgivable loss of musical information.

For best results, we recommend the Slipstream X connectors. Our guide helps you track the best configurations. At every step, you are in control.

Slipstream X™Solution

Introducing our most crucial part of the CA Core system, the new Slipstream X. We discovered how important it is to isolate digital circuits from various forms of transmission interference. We are engineering a clear path for the signal. Achieving this level of stability requires years of development. 

The Slipstream X forms the connected backbone of any system with the Core technology. 

The fact is that noise-shunting an entire system is no longer a tedious exercise in futility. As a result, the Slipstream system is a genuinely effective solution.


CA Core build quality

Housing the critical elements of the design, we chose to mill our unibody frame from a single billet of high-grade aluminum. A careful selection of internal parts guarantees stability and long-term reliability.

The CA Core is a next-generation noise management system with user control and adaptability uniquely suited for tomorrow's hi-fi systems.

Give your system a boost with the CA Core and elevate your sound to new heights.  

 Home trial is available. We are happy to answer any questions. Please call 203-684-0710 today.


Chris Martens Hi Fi+ 2018 review : "The new firm Caprice Audio showed its impressive new Mosaic Wave Stream hybrid Technology passive filter, which made for one of the more eye-opening demonstrations I heard at Canjam. Looking back over that last sentence it occurs to me that a more apt descriptor would be to call the Mosaic a passive noise floor reducer".

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