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In a Noisy World.


Exploring a new Frontier.

New for 2023

Can you imagine a time when your audio system has no noise. How noise influences our world of music and how it affects signal, is a subject for Audio writers to explore. We have dedicated engineers who understand and continue to define the important role noise plays in audio design.

At Caprice Audio, we have been exploring and expanding the current methods used for finding signal in a noisy world.

Introducing N.M.S. to Audiophiles

The Core is a unique multi-functional Noise Management System. Our desire to solve the noise inherit in music playback is a journey that began with the vinyl release in 1948 and continues to challenge us today. As you know, there is no straight line to  success.

The fast development of digital technology presents a unique challenge to finding signal amongst the noise. In the early days of audio, cell phone towers and wifi did not exist. In this high tech world, it has become difficult to make our systems sound more like music than electronics. And it is particularly challenging relying on measuring tools that often fail to capture all the dimensional acoustical aspects of a performance chart.

Exploring new technology and implementing new methods to solve an age old problem has led to Caprice Audio's Core technology. We are presenting customizable features for both the novice user as well the seasoned audiophile. The user interface is designed to address equipment noise while offering flexibility and control for the listener. We want users to have a full musical experience with their systems.

Our new Core technology begins with the Slipstream™concept. Slipstreaming is the action of displacing noise from multiple equipment without disrupting music flow.

It begins with shunting the noise floor.

It's no surprise to state all electronics contribute some level of electronic noise. We chose shunting as a solution to passively redirect and remove electronic noise without compromising signal quality. Listening to music through a Core treated system is an ear opening experience.

The Core is designed to remove noise, create synergy, and optimize performance. Is this a bridge too far?
To fully maximize audio performance, a system requires noise reducing optimization and calibration.

The Core is the first product to combine a proprietary noise filtering system (Slipstream™), and a superior interactive optimization-calibration tool (PPOS™). 

To achieve superior high-end performance, a system requires hands-on engagement by the user. By utilizing the Core as a calibration tool, a budget audio system when properly optimized can outperform a superior non-calibrated system.

A bridge too far, not so according to...

Jay's Audio lab (You Tube) awarded the Rossofiorentino team of AudioThesis and Caprice Audio best Sound at 2022 Capital Audiofest. System calibration was performed by Caprice Audio's new Core technology. And we have more to show at Capfest 2023.

The Core solution.

Achieving system synergy is always an issue with audio components, whether they are audiophile high-end quality or not.

Listen and compare.
                                C ustomize
                                 O ptimize
                                  R espond
                                   E nergize   

Optimization made easier with the Core system.

The Core builds on the  excitement that you create.

Most noise isolation devices today are system dependent. We offer a universal solution that enable listeners to enjoy the finest performance from any current or future audio system.


Key summary.

Step 1.  Slipstream technology uses a proprietary noise shunting system that reduces the noise floor across multiple devices including the speaker-amp interface.

Step 2.  The PPOS™ interface is a user-friendly plug and play optimization system that aids in creating synergy between devices.

Step 3.  The Core system makes it easy for Audiophiles to compare up to 20 possible sound configurations that can be personalized to match a music style.

Step 4.  The Core system presents unique features that distinguishes it from any other optimization tool including DSP and ground boxes.

*Note: Core optimization plays an important function for the listening environment. While it is not recognized as a room correction tool, many users have pointed to experiencing important changes in room acoustics.

Solid-Core connection.

To experience the full Core effect, we highly recommend the Slipstream X1. As an alternative, we offer the"Core links" for those who prefer using a pure silver connection between the components.

History tour.

In 2017, Caprice Audio presented the original Mosaic Reference to headphone audiences in Denver, Washington, DC., Chicago and New York City.  In Chicago, we received acknowledgement from HiFi+ Editors Chris Martens and Alan Sircom. 

Mosaic Reference reviews :, Dagogo, and theSoundadvocate. 



Finding system synergy.

The Core is a unique noise management system that can transform the way you interact with sound.  For example, you can make adjustments in real-time, a bonus for performing critical testing. Your listening IQ will never be the same!

We are also customer-centric by providing the best after sale support. Each Core includes:

1. PPOS Guide and instructions.
2. Installation and support.
3. Slipstream Links™ (option)
4. 1 yr. warranty.                                                                                                                                                                

We also provide custom installation, and equipment room calibration assistance. Please contact us for more information.

 Free home trial is available. Terms and conditions apply. Please call 203-684-8710 today.

Reviews and feedback

Chris Martens Hi Fi+ 2018 review : "The new firm Caprice Audio showed its impressive new Mosaic Wave Stream hybrid Technology passive filter, which made for one of the more eye-opening demonstrations I heard at Canjam. Looking back over that last sentence it occurs to me that a more apt descriptor would be to call the Mosaic a passive noise floor reducer".

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