Finding Signal

In a Noisy World.


Optimizing the audio experience.

The sound of Music.

While engineers understand the importance of noise in producing high resolution music, many audiophiles detest its storied role.

In our view, a component's noise level marks the difference between poor audio performance versus a system that thrills audiences.

Introducing Core NMS™ by Caprice Audio.

There are many solutions to lowering and stabilizing a systems noise floor. Designers implement grounding and power filtering schemes while others use sophisticated over built components to create a "dead silent world". Our approach is to remove the artifacts that negatively influence the sound. Core is a new Noise Management System™ whose goal is to capture as much noise a system generates.

The tech behind the Core is called Slipstream™. Slipstreaming is the action of  shunting noise through a proprietary high speed filtering system developed by Caprice Audio.

Core systems are exceptional performers because they shunt noise at the component level. They help clear up low-frequency transient noise, high-frequency distortion and  help to preserve and stabilize a system's energy and flow.

Optimize and attain synergy.

Our noise management technology begins with research and development, customer listening tests and seasoned experience. Noise management is the start, calibration is the solution. You can calibrate any audio system by using Core NMS optimization. At any point, it is easy to develop synergy with the Core and your music system. At the beginning or at the end of the break-in cycle, Core optimization is central to high performance no matter the system.

Core engagement for the win!

For audiophiles who value control and refinement, the plug & play interface is an engaging experience.

To achieve a high level of performance requires more than component swapping. Remarkable detail and musicality cannot occur without noise reduction, system optimization and control of room acoustics. The Core simplifies the entire process.

Core live demonstration.

At Capital Audiofest 2023, Caprice Audio demonstrated how well a budget system can perform with Core NMS . Please read (link below) Enjoy the music Capital Audiofest 2023 coverage of the Caprice Audio room.

The Core offers a unique listening experience. One user commented.."The emotional experience that I encounter with my music is sublime. I love the synergy that the Core helps me to create".

A bridge too far, not so according to...

Jay's Audio lab (You Tube) awarded the Rossofiorentino team of AudioThesis and Caprice Audio best Sound at 2022 Capital Audiofest.  

The Core System

Achieving system synergy is always an issue with audio components, whether they are audiophile high-end quality or not.

Listen and compare.
                                C ustomize
                                 O ptimize
                                  R espond
                                   E nergize   

Optimization is made easier with the Core system. At Capital Audio Fest 2023, we introduced the new Oasis cable. The complete Core System includes the Oasis interconnects, speaker cables and Slipstream X1.  

The Core builds on the  excitement that you create.

The Core is a universal solution that enable listeners to achieve maximum sound quality from any current or future audio system. 


Key summary.

Step 1. Core technology uses a proprietary noise shunting system that reduces the noise floor across multiple devices.

Step 2.  The Core interface enhances the ability to extract the best performance from any audio component or system.

Step 3.  A single Core makes it possible for users to choose up to 20 optimization points. Each configuration will bring you closer to your ideal listening point.

Step 4.  High-end sound quality can be achieved by combining the Core with our new Oasis cable™.

Note: There is a correlation between an audio system's sound signature and the listening room. You are at the center of choosing the equipment and optimizing the synergy between them.

Solid-Core connection.

Caprice Audio new Oasis interconnects and speaker cables lay the Core foundation for a synergistically balanced system.

The Mosaic history before the Core.

In 2017, Caprice Audio presented the original Mosaic Reference to headphone audiences in Denver, Washington, DC., Chicago and New York City.  In Chicago, we received acknowledgement from HiFi+ Editors Chris Martens and Alan Sircom. 

Mosaic Reference reviews :, Dagogo, and theSoundadvocate. 



Discover your listening IQ.

The Core's unique sound Optimization system will transform the way you hear music.   

Each Core includes:

1. PPOS Guide and instructions.
2. Installation and support.
3. Slipstream Links™ (option)
4. 1 yr. warranty.                                                                                                                                                                

We are also a Lumin sponsor. Lumin Streamers and DAC's are strongly supported and have earned many awards. Please contact us for more information.

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Reviews and feedback

Our first product launch Axpona 2018.

Chris Martens Hi Fi+: "The new firm Caprice Audio showed its impressive new Mosaic Wave Stream hybrid Technology passive filter, which made for one of the more eye-opening demonstrations I heard at Canjam. Looking back over that last sentence it occurs to me that a more apt descriptor would be to call the Mosaic a passive noise floor reducer".

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